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December 14, 2016 09:06 AM

Achieving a good hair day is like seeing a rainbow. That is to say, not completely impossible, but also not easy nor a very frequent occurrence, although in some states they’re far more likely to occur than in others. Of course, with the aid of hot tools and professional stylists, achieving the perfect coif has become far more attainable than ever, but waking up with that authentically disheveled look remains the Holy Grail. And when one does finally master an artful bedhead, as Zendaya did on Tuesday night, it absolutely must be documented.

The actress turned fashion designer posted a new selfie to her Instagram account wearing a plain grey t-shirt, showing off a natural glossy lip, a subtle taupe eye, and of course, her windswept mane in question. The 20-year-old caption the candid shot, “Does your hair ever just…” Just fall perfectly into place? Look picture perfect without so much as a comb-through? Have any semblance of natural volume or texture without an army of products? Not so much, but it’s good to know that in addition to her makeup application skills there’s now yet another gift of Zendaya’s to be envious of.

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And clearly, we weren’t the only ones who took notice of the actress’s nonchalant new do, Cindy Crawford did as well. The OG supermodel shared a throwback shot of herself from the 80s, complete with complimentary teased and hairsprayed locks that could give Zendaya’s hair a run for its money. Crawford captioned the shot, “Uh yes, @Zendaya…”

Naturally, the Spiderman star was thrilled by the interaction, sharing a side by side of the two posts on Twitter and writing, “ICONIC…Cindy taught me.”

All we’re saying is it may have been Taylor Swift‘s birthday yesterday, but she and her 21st century interpretation of a squad better watch out because it seems two ladies from her “Bad Blood” posse are about to form a big hair, don’t care partnership of their own. And we couldn’t be more supportive.

What do you think of Zendaya and Cindy’s newfound hair friendship? Sound off below!

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