The actress shares that her favorite beauty tutorial guest starred her mom

By Brianne Tracy
May 01, 2017 10:00 AM
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

Athleisure is having a moment right now, and Zendaya confirms that even your most comfortable pair of sweat pants can make a perfect outfit on any occasion.

“I’m a big believer in sweatpants being dressed up and dressed down,” the actress, 20, tells PEOPLE while promoting the next collection for her ready-to-wear line, Daya. “You can wear sweatpants with the matching sweat top or t-shirt – or you can wear it with one of the silk tops and wear heels with it. You can make it work!”

Zendaya is also a believer in “making it work” when it comes to beauty, sharing her tips and tricks through the tutorials she posts online and frequently doing her own makeup for events.

“My fans, honestly, have been harassing me for a long time about making tutorials,” she says of how she got started. “It’s better than a lot of the makeup artists out there, but I’m not professional.”

One of her frequent test subjects for her tutorials is her mom, Claire Stoermer. Most recently, she made her over with pink and blue “unicorn” hair.

Back in February, the starlet crafted a beautiful Valentine’s Day makeup look for her mom — though it wasn’t without a few bumps. But she says the mistakes make it even more fun.

“I think a lot of people loved the tutorial on my mom because it was real and it was fun,” she says. “I was trying to do my mom’s eyebrows and accidentally plucked her skin. People definitely relate to that so that was a fun one.”