Source: Zayn Malik Instagram

The former boy band member debuted a scruff-free look

October 05, 2016 03:04 PM

It’s a common occurrence amongst former boy band members and tween pop stars who grow up in the public eye that when they make even just the slightest tweak to their outward appearance, the world totally loses its mind. Just think of Justin Bieber who’s gone from a wholesome bowl cut to platinum dyed dreads, or when that other Justin, from ‘Nsync fame, decided to trade in his frosted tipped baby fro for a buzzed head. And now Zayn Malik has followed in their superstar footsteps, keeping the hair on his head perfectly intact, but completely shaving off his scruff for a very baby-faced new look.

If you heard the sound of a million hearts shattering on Thursday night, that would be the reaction of fan girls the world over after Zayn shared a new selfie on Instagram. In the un-captioned image, Zayn stares straight into the camera, wearing a red t-shirt, his black hair zhushed to nonchalant perfection, and sporing a very telling total lack of facial hair.

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Perhaps Zayn was trying to shed some of his bad boy persona, opting for a beauty look that’s a little more clean cut. Or maybe, as he embarks on this next stage of his career with a new album and a new tour, he just wanted something to signify this fresh start. Whatever the reason for the close shave, let’s just hope he consulted with Gigi before he made this face-transforming scruff decision, or she may be in for quite the surprise when she jets back from Paris.

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