It appears as though the singer was having an absent-minded morning

While we can only speculate, it seems like a pretty safe bet to say that the life of one of the biggest male pop stars in the world is a total whirlwind of touring, recording, performing, and red carpets. So by the time you finally get a day all to yourself, your head is likely still going a mile a minute, thinking of everything you just did and still have to do, instead of focusing on the present moment. All of which is really just our way of attempting to rationalize how in the world Zayn Malik left his house and went for a hike wearing two completely different pairs of shoes.

Zayn Malik Mismatched Sneakers


The former 1Directioner hit the trails on Sunday in Malibu with a friend, wearing an outfit that seems confused from head to toe. Most people wouldn’t opt for a pair of skinny black jeans to get their fitness on, but that detail seems almost completely irrelevant when Zayn clearly has much bigger footwear-related issues to deal with. The singer wore two shoes that couldn’t be much more opposite. One appears to be a regular workout-approved sneaker, while the other is a heavy leather lace-up boot.

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But perhaps, this isn’t a sartorial mix-up, bur rather all just a bid to steal the title of number one pop star away from his competitor Justin Bieber who lately has been letting loose with his style, from the white boy dreads to the face tattoo to wandering the streets of Boston barefoot. If this is in fact all just a ploy on Zayn’s part to prove he can be just as wacky as the Biebz, consider this mission accomplished.

Why do you think Zayn wore two different pairs of shoes?

–Emily Kirkpatrick