Since leaving 1D, Zayn Malik has become the man of a thousand hair styles, switching it up once again and going blonde.

Does Zayn Malik not know he’s beautiful? Ever since he announced his departure from One Direction, the former boy bander has been going through a rapid aesthetic transformation, trying out every hairstyle and fashion trend under the sun. Yesterday, he debuted his latest in a long line of hair dye experiments, a head full of bleach blond, spiky hair accompanied by a very full beard.

Zayn Malik Blonde Hair Twitter
Credit: Zayn Malik/Twitter


Zayn’s been having a lot of fun with Manic Panic hair makeovers in the past few months, but it’s been a long time since we last saw Malik with peroxided locks, the first time being back in June when he attended a number of shows during Paris Fashion Week sporting freshly buzzed and bleached hair.

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But this time, the hair is much longer and kind of giving us an early aughts David Beckham vibe (though Becks is more of a scruffy stubble guy than a full-grown beard buddy). Maybe Zayn finally realized that blondes really do have more fun … or better yet, maybe he’s trying to match hair color with his new lady love, Gigi Hadid, so that they can take their relationship twinning goals to all new heights.

What do you think of Zayn’s new blonde hair? Do you think he did it to match Gigi? What color should he try next?

–Emily Kirkpatrick