Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

If Zach Braff has been dressing better since he started dating model Taylor Bagley, it’s because she’s been picking out his clothes. When asked who made his suit as he worked his way into Chanel’s Tribeca Film Festival Artists’ Dinner in New York Monday night, he checked the label, conferred with Bagley, then replied, “My girlfriend is telling me Neil Barrett.” In fact, Braff was quite taken with Bagley’s choice in menswear that evening. “Look at these cool Neil Barrett fake suspenders that came printed on the shirt,” he mused, offering up a feel. “It’s cool, right? You’ve got to pay extra for that.” For her part, Bagley was proud — “I did do a little ‘picking out’ tonight,” she shared — and Braff praised the his ladylove’s fashion sense. “She has much better style than I do,” he admitted. So is the 5’11” Bagley secretly moonlighting as a stylist? “No,” she replied. “I just know what looks good.” —Jeffrey Slonim