The actor posed shirtless in the Dubai desert

By Emily Kirkpatrick
April 04, 2017 10:02 AM
Source: Zac Efron Instagram

Despite their best efforts, celebrities tend to find themselves pigeonholed for the assets they’re best known for. Meryl Streep has her unparalleled acting chops, Channing Tatum has his lascivious dance moves, Kim K has her controversial, barely-clothed selfies, and of course, Zac Efron has his claim to fame: a set of impossibly chiseled abs. And thankfully, the Baywatch star is unabashed about giving the people more of what they want, strolling around the deserts of Dubai with no shirt on, all in the name of Hugo Boss fragrance.

Efron is the face of the brand’s men’s cologne, Hugo by Hugo Boss, having starred in their Hugo Man “Your Time Is Now” campaign. And being a celebrity spokesman comes with its own set of perks, such as getting to travel half-way around the world on behalf of your day job. Which is how the actor recently found himself topless on a camel in the midst of the United Arab Emirates.

Source: Zac Efron Instagram

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Source: Zac Efron Instagram

Efron posted a series of videos and pictures to his Instagram stories chronicling his day spent traversing sand dunes with friends while visiting Dubai on behalf of Hugo Boss, and showing off his hard-earned muscles without the needless obfuscation of a t-shirt.

The actor was in town to promote the men’s cologne, making a public appearance at the Dubai Mall on Friday, followed by a private gala dinner. Efron took the rest of his time in the country to explore the surrounding environs, flexing and posing for the camera while wearing only a pair of black sweatpants, mirrored aviators, and a red and white keffiyeh. And while he probably doesn’t speak the language, the international language of six-packs truly needs no translation.

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