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By Alex Apatoff
December 31, 2014 02:00 PM

You may have have noticed that celebrity style has slowed a bit over the past few weeks (we certainly have) and you may have found yourself killing time on the Internet by Googling some idle queries. How do you do contouring and not look crazy? What’s the secret to Emmy Rossum’s amazing street style? Google actually (and helpfully) tracked all of your fashion and beauty queries from 2014, and in the interest of public service, we decided to attempt to answer your top 10, below. Admire the answer to Number 6, “How to wear a beanie?” on Taylor Swift, below, and read on for the rest.

James Devaney/GC

1. How to wear a scarf? Allow one of our Street Style Superheroes, Jessica Alba, to demonstrate here. Looped around the front of the neck and then back around to allow loose ends to dangle, and in a bright, attention-getting hue that draws from the rest of your outfit in the print.

2. What to wear to a wedding?
This is a question we get a lot, and the answer is that there are tons of ways to go depending on the venue, location and time of day. But one of our favorite go-to looks for any occasion is a tailored LBD with a little visual interest, like the floral print on Emmy Rossum’s Elie Saab.

3. What to wear to an interview? Once again, Jessica Alba comes through. We like to start with a well-tailored blazer and pencil skirt (which should not be pulling anywhere!) for any work environment, then swap in the details depending on the level of the workplace formality. Her striped tee and coral pumps would work well for a more creative job, while a button-up and classic black patent pumps would be perfect for something more formal.

4. What to wear on a first date? Something flirty but not too fussy. Reese Witherspoon is the master of that kind of look — start with a feminine dress, then add “I can hang” details like a jean jacket and booties or flat sandals. Emmy Rossum gets that vibe right too.

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5. What to wear to a concert? Flats above all else! Unless you’re in a private box with VIP seating, you don’t want to be out of commission before Justin Timberlake takes the stage for an epic *NSYNC mash-up. If you want to go funky, try something like Olivia Palermo’s look here; for an outdoor event or a super-casual venue, we like Bella Thorne’s style.

6. How to wear a beanie? See Taylor Swift, above. Why mess with perfection?

7. What to wear with leggings A stylish, fitted tunic that shows off your shape but covers your butt. Say it with us now: “Leggings are not pants.” Emma Watson has the right idea here.

8. How to wear ankle boots? The best part is, there are as many ways to do this right as there are styles of ankle boots. You can use them to toughen up a girlie dress, or for a weekend look with jeans. A pointy pair looks cute with a mini, while a funkier cutout style was made for leather leggings. Go wild!

9. How to wear a maxi skirt Maxis are extraordinarily forgiving on every body type, but it’s key to pay attention to proportions. Pair a flowy bottom with a more fitted top à la Blake Lively, and make every effort to highlight your natural waist to avoid your figure being lost in all that fabric. Heels are a plus, but not mandatory.

10. What color matches brown? Everything — even navy and black. But at the moment it’s especially chic when done monochromatically, in different shades, like Julianne Hough did here.

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