Go Inside the 'Younger' Costume Closet (Trust Us, You'll Never Want to Leave)

Watch wardrobe stylists Patricia Field and Jacqueline Demeterio give a tour on the set of the TV Land hit.

It’s time to stop debating whether you’re #TeamJosh or #TeamCharles and focus on what really matters on TV Land’s hit show Younger: the amazing fashion. Season 3 is off to a very stylish start, and we caught up with the show’s costume designers, Patricia Field (of Sex and the City and Devil Wears Prada fame) and Jacqueline Demeterio (The Intern), to get all the scoop on the outfits we’ll be seeing on the show’s main characters. (Warning: Spoilers to follow.)

Liza’s Wardrobe Gets a a “Lift”

Sutton Foster’s character is a 40-year-old divorcée moonlighting as a 26-year-old book publishing assistant. And her wardrobe is a millennial’s dream.

“We’ve kind of given her a little bit of a lift from last season,” Demeterio says, adding that Liza’s clothes this year are reflective of her “up-beat and optimistic” personality.

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A highlight from the season? The white fringe Giambattista Valli mini she wears in an episode when she’s supposed to meet Charles for a date.

“We thought this fringe movement during a walk and talk on the city street would be great, and it was,” Demeterio says of the design.

Foster told PeopleStyle at the Younger press day that while she’s yet to swipe anything from Liza’s wardrobe, there are times she’s tempted.

“There are a couple of little day dresses that she wears this season, these little A.L.C. dresses that I would take every single one of them and own them because they’re easy and so cute” she shared.

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One of the Sexiest Moments of the Season Involves a “DIY” Mugler Gown

While Liza is still dating Josh, chemistry is evident with Charles and in an upcoming episode fans of the show will get to see their connection.

Liza wears a sophisticated tuxedo-inspired Mugler gown to the New York City Opera, and after a bump-in with Charles, she asks him to zip up her dress.

Demeterio says that Liza-Charles moment was written in the script, so they had to add actually add a zipper to the gown to capture the moment.

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“In the end, we’re entertaining people,” Field adds. “We follow the script — this is storytelling. If the fashion is gorgeous during the storytelling, than we’ve succeeded.”

Kelsey Undergoes a Style Transformation

After the death of her fiancé Thad, Kelsey (played by Hilary Duff) is reevaluating what’s important to her, and her wardrobe “reflects the changes in her personal life,” Demeterio shares.

From Self Portrait minis to more grown-up pant suits, Kelsey is exploring her fashion this season. One of her standout looks is a Stella McCartney tracksuit, that Duff actually picked out for her character.

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“I get to have input just because I love fashion so much,” Duff told PeopleStyle of collaboration with Field and Demeterio on set. “I send pictures. This whole Stella McCartney vibe that I found I sent to Jackie and I was like, ‘Can you please get this for me?’ And then she found other amazing stuff that in that collection.”

She added that she also envy’s her co-star’s wardrobe. “It’s funny because Sutton doesn’t really care about fashion, but they put her in the most gorgeous stuff.”

And while Foster doesn’t steal from set, Duff has no shame admitting she’s taken a thing or two.

“Last year I swiped those wine colored thigh high boots that my character wore,” she said. “I wear them all the time. They’re so comfortable.”

Are you a fan of the style on Younger? Which character has the best wardrobe? Share below!

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