The Sexy Cast of 'Younger' Shares Their Secrets to Feeling, Well, Younger!

Hear from Hilary Duff, Sutton Foster and the rest of the show's stars (Warning: Nico Tortorella's response will make you blush!)

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“I think doing things that take you out of your comfort zone, like trying a new workout or trying a new menu at a new restaurant or even something more daring like skydiving. Something that’s fun for you. That’s not in your daily routine.”

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“I think the key to feeling younger is to be happy and open. You have to be willing to have a youthful outlook about life — like how you saw the world when you were a kid. We viewed the world with an open heart and open mind and as you get older you get a little more set in your ways. That’s what the show has taught me. I think I was starting to get very set in my ways [laughs] and like it’s been really great to be around just a whole new influx of new ideas and even to be around my contemporaries and my peers who I work with who are in their twenties and to be able to go, ‘Oh wow. I am learning so much from you,’ As opposed to, ‘Oh I know, I don’t know shit.’ But I think youth or the idea of youth is internal. It’s less about the treadmill and the face creams. It’s more about how you feel inside.”

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“It’s sex! Coconut oil and sex. And make it about yourself and not about what other people think or how other people see you. Look how you f—ing want to look.”

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“I think feeling younger is really about inner happiness, inner peace and sleep. I feel younger when I am healthy, hydrated, have slept well and when the elements of my life are in balance. When the elements are out of whack I feel old and haggy and I don’t like feeling that way. I don’t like feeling angry. So for me being young is about having balance.”

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"Younger" Season 2 And "Teachers" Series Premiere
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“Maybe not to care so much about feeling younger. Not to obsess about it. To enjoy where you are.”

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“I feel like I am older than I’ve ever been, and I know less than I’ve ever known. I think for me what makes me feel younger is the desire to just be present in my life. I love not feeling like I need to know everything and have it all figured out.”

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"High Maintenance" New York Premiere
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"I have two little kids and they demand that you come to their level and that’s one of the greatest things about being a parent. That is one of the things that helps keep me younger. Also, being a New Yorker. I feel like New York is a city that won’t allow you to not interact with all sorts of new things and that’s what I love about it. I don’t know if it makes you look young but it makes you feel young.”

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