A pretty gross accident left the actress with some streaky skin

By jencress
Updated November 14, 2012 05:30 PM

We’ve endured our fair share of beauty mishaps, but nothing comes close to what happened to Lea Michele recently.

The Glee star stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday and shared a story about the time a dog peed all over her right after she got a spray tan. Yep — a pup had the nerve to make a wee-wee on Rachel Berry! Here’s what happened:

After a team of people came to her house to apply the tan (we know, we’re jealous of her spray-tan house calls, too) Michele headed to the studio, being careful not to mess up her new glow. But things got a little messy come lunch.

“I put my feet up to take a nice lunch break and one of the managers had their dog,” she explained. “The dog jumped on my lap and I was like, ‘Oh, so cute!’ and he went to pick up the dog and the dog peed all over me!”

Since the tanner was still wet, the urine left a graphic design on Michele’s legs. “I wiped it off, but because I didn’t wipe off the spray tan yet it left pee streaks all over my legs for days — I had zebra-striped pee marks on my legs!” Well, look on the bright side: prints are in this season.

Watch Michele tell Leno the hilariously tragic story in the video above. Tell us: What’s been your biggest beauty mishap?

–Jennifer Cress