September 25, 2006 05:15 PM reader Beth J. wrote in and said: “Ok. I’m finally ready to embrace the leggings trend for fall. But I’m a short (5’2″) size eight and every pair I’ve tried on so far comes up to my ribcage. Aren’t there any brands not meant for a long torso? It would be great if the elastic wasn’t so tight as well.”

Well, Beth, you certainly aren’t alone in this condundrum. A few of us here are short and curvy and have had the same problem. We tested out a ton of leggings currently in stores now, and found that these are the best for comfort and size.

1. Lure cropped leggings, $50 at (left). These are so amazingly soft and comfy, with no pulling at all and just a touch of Spandex to mainten their shape. You’ll want to live in them!

2. Splendid’s leggings, $57, are our runner up (right). They hit low on the hips and are also amazingly soft.

3. Another great brand is Tart, $50. These are a little more stretchy, but not too long in the waist.

4. For a bargain, try Target’s Mossimo Red Leggings. The material is not as soft as the others, but for only $10, the fit is right on!

Coming soon: We also love Jockey’s new No Panty Line Promise leggings, due in stores at the end of September. Click here to find out where you can buy them near you.

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