June 06, 2016 02:29 PM

As anyone who watched the last season of
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
can tell you, after her struggle with Lyme Disease, Yolanda Hadid is all about natural remedies. Whether it’s taking lots of vitamins and herbal medicines, hiring a “health advocate,” or seeking out Eastern medicine that involves a lot of her holding things to her chest while a man pushes down on her arm, there’s no potential cure Yolanda won’t try. So it only makes sense that her organic approach to life extends to her beauty regime as well, as she demonstrated in her most recent bikini-clad Instagram shot.

Yolanda Hadid/Instagram

Clearly, the reality star is starting to feel like her old self again after her bout with Lyme and removing her breast implants upon discovering the silicone was leaking into her chest cavity. The RHOBH posted a picture from her vacation in Tahiti on Sunday proving that even though her supermodel days may be far behind her, she’s still in perfect posing shape, flaunting her lean physique in a black bikini held together with silver buckle clasps. She also let fans in on the secret to her glowy skin—sand—captioning the shot, “Body Scrub, Body Care………. #NaturalHealing #Tahiti#Summer”

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While that’s a fun and useful tip for everyone hitting the beach this summer, the photo really just has us thinking about one thing. If Yolanda can look this good in a two-piece after everything she’s been through, from her illness to her divorce, what excuse do the rest of us have?

Will you be trying Yolanda’s all-natural exfoliating trick this summer?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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