Yolanda Hadid Celebrates Gigi and Bella's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Run with an Embarrassing Baby Photo

The Real Housewife shared a throwback photo proving her daughters were born to walk the VS runway

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris - Hair & Makeup

At this point, it’s a pretty indisputable fact that Bella and Gigi Hadid are two of the coolest youths in the world right now. Both have huge careers fronting campaigns and walking runways for the biggest brands in the business, millions of Instagram followers, and have been linked to an assortment of top male pop stars. But just because you have it all doesn’t mean your parents can’t still find new ways to totally embarrass you, as their mom and former Real Housewives star Yolanda Hadid proved on Wednesday morning, posting a nude childhood snap of the pair to celebrate their turn on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk.

For those who aren’t familiar with where the Hadid sisters acquired their flawless genetics from, that would be one Yolanda Hadid who was a very successful model in her own right back in her eighties heyday. But now, it’s time for her two daughters to shine, with Bella making her debut on the lingerie catwalk in Paris today and Gigi making her second appearance for the brand. And for this momentous occasion, Yolanda chose to show their fans that this really is a childhood dream come true.

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In the throwback picture from back when the sisters were both still blondes, baby Bella and Gigi sit with huge smiles on their faces wearing only a simple pair of fuzzy white angel wings. In other words, practicing for the day they finally get to wear the real deal.

The caption for the photo reads, “17 years after I photographer my ‘ANGELS’ today is the day that they will be walking in the fashion show together.” And this isn’t the first adorable sibling snap shared in anticipation for their big turn on the catwalk. On Tuesday, Bella posted a picture of the pair skipping down the runway arm in arm, writing, “can’t believe I get to experience all of this with my best friend!”

And Gigi confirmed that donning those coveted feathered appendages if just as life-changing as it’s made out to be in the below video explaining that seeing her friends put on their wings is “just so beautiful.”

But although Yolanda may not be wrong per se about her girls finally achieving their lifelong goals, nonetheless her post makes it clear that the old Fresh Prince adage still holds true: parents just don’t understand.

Are you excited to see Bella and Gigi walk the runway? What do you think of Yolanda’s childhood photo of the pair? Sound off below!

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