Several people have come forward on social media to show "extreme" burns on their faces after using the company's brightening Vitamin C "Unicorn" paper mask

The Yes To beauty brand has recalled one of its products as several customers are coming forward with skin concerns after using the brand’s face mask.

Over the weekend, the company announced that they would be pulling their Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask from store shelves due to a growing number of consumers revealing the that the mask left “extreme” burns on their faces.

“Yes To is committed to ensuring the safety and integrity of all of our products and has maintained a strong track record of delivering quality products to our customers since our founding in 2006,” the beauty brand tells PEOPLE in a statement.

“We have recently seen reports on social media that children have used the Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask, unfortunately resulting in skin irritation. We have also received some similar reports from adults who have used the product. We apologize to anyone who was affected in this way, especially over the holiday season,” the statement continued.

Yes To Unicorn Paper Mask
The Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask

“While our products are all independently tested for safety, irritation, and allergy – and while we provide both warnings and instructions on our products about the potential for skin irritation – the safety and satisfaction of our customers are our main concerns,” the skincare company adds. “As such, we have decided to pull this particular product off of the shelves while we investigate the complaints that we have received and seen online.”

According to Yes To, the company has reached out to all of its retailers about the voluntary recall and hope to have all of the masks involved removed by Friday, Jan. 10. “[We] will continue to follow-up with each store to make sure that the product is pulled from shelves as quickly as possible,” they said.

In November, one woman shared her reaction in a post on Facebook, warning others not to purchase the product. Brittany Armstrong had bought the Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask from her local Target to treat herself over the holidays, but unfortunately was left with an extreme red burn all over her face.

“!!BEWARE!! Today at target I picked up some face masks that they put out for the holidays. I figured I’d be baking all day today and cooking all day tomorrow I could relax tonight,” she began her post. “I bought the “Yes To Grapefruit vitamin c glow-boosting unicorn paper mask” and within less than 3 minutes I noticed my face was burning. I took it off immediately and rinsed my face but it was too late…”

“My skin is now red and swollen and feels like extreme sunburn. I haven’t had this reaction before so I went to the company’s website to read the reviews and they have not had one single good review all of them have read of the customers face ending up in red burns,” she revealed. “The pictures don’t even do it justice. I’m so upset right now. Target needs to pull these off the shelf and the company should recall these.”

She then uploaded a series of screenshots of reviews left on the company’s site claiming the same type of painful burns.

These reviews have since been taken down from the website, however a new one was posted on Jan. 6 that read: “I got this mask as a Christmas present from my mom. it looked beautiful when i took it out. i looked at the back and it said 10 minutes but if you feel tingling take it off. the part that got me was ‘if you feel tingling that means it’s working.'”

It continued: “I was like ya right but i still decided to use it. after 3 minutes it started to burn i took it off and my face looked completely sun burnt. i immediately put on cold water and moisturizer. my face is still burning and completely red after an hour. i wanted to look refreshed because i have school tomorrow.”

On Tuesday, a couple in California also spoke out about their own experience with the recalled mask, describing “severe redness” and “a perfect burn line where the mask had been sitting” to ABC.

Another Missouri-based mother told Buzzfeed that it’s not just the Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask from the company that is causing this type of reaction.

Kimberly Francis had bought her 11-year-old stepdaughter a charcoal face mask from Yes To as a stocking stuffer over the holidays, and the mask left a similar burn reaction over the young girls face.

“We had her take it off and her face was already clearly burned,” Francis told the outlet. Similar to the negative review on the website, the young girl told her stepmother that she had almost left the mask on for longer due to the instructions that read “if it’s tingling it’s working.”

Similarly, a woman on Twitter showed her red reaction after using a Yes To coconut clay face mask.

Yes To told PEOPLE that they have directed stores to refund anyone who comes in to return a recalled mask that hasn’t been used yet. For those who have already used the mask, the company says to contact them directly at or by phone at 888-929-3786 for a refund.