Find out how Yara Shahidi achieves her glowing complexion and tackles her breakouts

By Briana Draguca
July 28, 2017 05:02 PM
Credit: Courtesy of Rona Horowitz

If you haven’t noticed, Yara Shahidi is taking the world by storm. The 17-year-old is attending Harvard University after taking a gap year, filming her very own ‘Black-ish’ spinoff (aptly called ‘College-ish’), and serving as the face of beloved skincare brand, Clean & Clear. Although it may seem like the actress is mature for her age, even she can’t fast forward through the inevitable breakouts of the glorious teenage years. And then there are the hazards of the job.

“We have HD makeup on set to make us look poreless and non-human. But that means it’s really thick foundation and that’s all day every day five days a week from the end of July to beginning of March, which is a lot on one’s skin,” Shahidi told reporters at a back to school event with Clean & Clear celebrating their Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. “Especially whenever there is a mark that pops up, then you treat it by putting on more foundation. Isn’t that great? Not the greatest solution. I think that’s why it’s important for me to have that cleansing routine, otherwise I have had to deal with three seasons of continuous breakouts from the makeup.”

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That cleansing routine starts with Clean & Clear’s makeup wipes. “My go to is the makeup wipes because after a day on set it takes a solid 30 minutes to get home and another 30 minutes to even process what is happening in your world, which means that I usually like to keep those in my bed or my bedside table because it’ll get the first layer of makeup off pretty easily and it doesn’t irritate my skin.”

The next step in her routine is all about ridding her skin of pollutants and unclogging her pores for a fresh complexion. “I usually like to exfoliate maybe two days a week. And the rest I usually like to use one of the foam cleansers too because they’re soft—and because of the bubbles. I’m a sucker for bubbles,” Shahidi told reporters.

And when the star has to deal with that occasional pesky zit she adds a spot treatment cream that has benzoyl peroxide in it to her routine to tackle the problem directly.

As a young adult about to enter college, Shahidi understands the importance of paying attention to her skin’s reactions and she believes that we have more control over what is happening in our bodies than we think. “Your skin does signify a lot of what is happening in your body. Like if I haven’t hydrated myself enough, it could be anything,” she explains. “I think a lot of the times if we don’t have the right knowledge or tools to know that there is some underlying cause it’s not great to just cover [acne] up because then it kind of expands the issue to the point where it is hard to take care of. So it’s important to know that washing your face is not a strong suggestion, you really should do it and it does have an effect.”

Credit: Courtesy of Rona Horowitz

But what is the one beauty product in her skincare regimen that she takes the most seriously? Water. “I mean DJ Khaled says to hydrate so I take that pretty seriously. Asahd Khaled also said it,” she said. “So finding things that don’t deplete your skin of moisture, that’s really important.”

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