Yandy Made a Sexy 'Handmaid's Tale' Halloween Costume - and People Are Furious

Twitter has a lot of strong feelings about this inappropriate halloween costume


It’s inevitable — every year there’s a Halloween costume that takes a character or subject too far and becomes very offensive, very fast (like the pregnant Kylie Jenner debacle of 2017). And the get-up on the top of this year’s “Do Not Got There” list is Yandy’s sexy Handmaid’s Tale outfit.

The retailer recreated the body-concealing red clothing handmaids wear in Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel (that has been adapted into an Emmy award-winning TV show) by shortening the hem via a red mini dress, adding a cape with slits along the front and side and topping off the look with fishnet tights. The “Brave Red Maiden” costume retails for $64.95.

With a subject matter as serious and haunting as this series, which centers around state-sanctioned abuse of women, creating sexy versions of abused characters is not creative, funny or appropriate. Many people are not happy and many are airing their frustration over the costume on Twitter. The retailer has yet to respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Some wouldn’t put it past Yandy to create a tasteless costume, given the company’s past. Last year they created the controversial pregnant Kylie Jenner costume which they dubbed “Reality Star in the Making”) and the year before they made a sexy Donald Trump costume.

And others are just in disbelief that the costume exists at all.

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Yandy has yet to respond to backlash or pull the costume from its site, but it’s fair to say the Internet has spoken. And there is still plenty of time to pull a fun, non-offensive Halloween look together.

Our PC suggestions: Dress up as a member from the royal family with pieces you may already have in your closet — or channel a pop culture character (including Sandy from Grease or Wonder Woman).

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