kn95 face mask

Nurses, Essential Workers, and Teachers All Rave About These Disposable Masks with 5 Layers of Protection

They’re just some of the 2,700 shoppers that are super impressed
By Braelyn Wood
January 24, 2021 07:00 PM
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Between spikes in COVID-19 cases and the discovery of new variants, it's more important than ever to continue wearing a face mask in public. And while single-layer cloth masks may have been sufficient last spring, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has used nine months of research to update its guidelines for coverings with at least two layers of protection

Luckily, there's a mask ready to offer up five layers of protection this winter: the WWDoll KN95 Face Mask. Its design is 95 percent effective at blocking particles thanks to a combination of melt-blown and non-woven fabric, as well as an activated carbon filter. The result is a mask powerful enough to protect against dust, pollen, and dangerous droplets — and a spot on the FDA's Emergency Authorization list of imported masks approved for medical settings. 

Already approved by more than 2,700 shoppers, the disposable mask doesn't just factor in safety. It also prioritizes comfort with extra-wide elastic ear bands to prevent painful rubbing, an adjustable nose clip to stop glasses fog, and a unique cup structure to make breathing easier. Plus, it's foldable for easy storage in a car, purse, or pocket. 

Understandably, reviewers say they feel safer when wearing the five-layer mask thanks to it's extra thick construction. But you don't need to worry about extra layers preventing airflow: Multiple shoppers wrote they were still surprisingly easy to breathe through, with some claiming they were actually better due to their stiff design. 

Nurses, teachers, and other essential workers also raved about the KN95 masks, calling out their comfort, quality, and aesthetic. In fact, one healthcare worker called them a major improvement on the masks they usually use and wrote that other nurses on their team were equally impressed. 

All things considered, it's no surprise multiple people deemed them the "best masks" available to non-medical personnel. Shop the style in black or white below.

kn95 face mask
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! WWDoll KN95 Disposable Face Mask, Pack of 25, $45.74;

kn95 face mask
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! WWDoll N95 Disposable Face Mask, Pack of 25, $45.74;

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