November 18, 2014 03:30 PM

Plastic surgery commitment-phobes, rejoice! An N.Y.C. plastic surgeon is developing a procedure so you can test-drive the larger breasts you’ve always wanted for two to three weeks without having to take on a set of more permanent implants. And (steel yourself) he’s dubbed them “vacation breasts.”


Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe is the brain behind 24-hour “try before you buy” saline injections known as the “Insta Breast,” which made news in late August. Now, according to ABC News, he’s come up with a new injection that will let you live your life with breasts one to one-and-a-half cup sizes bigger for up to three weeks, helping solidify whether or not you really want implants full time. “You can use 3D imaging and put implants in bras,” he told ABC, “but it’s another thing to see what the weight will actually feel like and what it will be like to live with the new breasts.”  The name “vacation breasts” comes from Rowe’s vision that women will want to try out a fuller look for special occasions, like weddings, anniversaries or that beach getaway where you’ll be in a swimsuit the whole time.

The chemical solution is be a combination of the saline used for the Insta Breast and an additive which Dr. Rowe won’t yet disclose, though he insists that it’s used in other medical procedures. He is apparently working with the FDA on the new technology, which could hit the plastic surgery marketplace in two years.

ABC News’s senior medical contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton weighed in on some of the drawbacks to the procedure. “There is the risk of hitting a blood vessel with the injection [forming a hematoma], as well as a risk of infection,” she says. “And the long-term risks, while they appear low, are unknown at this time. There are also cost issues.” The 24-hour Insta Breast will set you back $2,500, but Dr. Rowe says that the cost of the “vacation breasts” will be lower.

Tell us: What do you think of “vacation breasts”? Will they revolutionize plastic surgery forever — and would you ever try them?

–Catherine Kast


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