November 29, 2016 04:31 PM

For the second year in a row, People and TODAY staffers came together to slather, spray and scrub on hundreds of products (490 to be exact) in search of the best new drugstore beauty buys of 2016 for our Beauty Awards.

It took 25 of us several months to pare down the finds to a new class of budget-friendly bathroom and vanity essentials. Among them: an alcohol-free hair spray that defies gravity and a gel-like nail polish that last longer than most of our relationships.

While we found a total of 41 genius launches in the bunch, there were also more than their fair share of bona fide duds. And though we always prefer to find the gems rather than the lumps of coal, we have to admit that the latter definitely yields the best responses from our intrepid testers.

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So here, without further ado, we present our top 10 thoughts on this year’s most epic flops.

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10. “I had to press so hard to use this product, I thought I would tear my eyelid!”

9. “This is the worst product I have ever tried. It didn’t take off a drop of makeup — but instead made my skin feel like a baby drooled all over it.”

8. “This product is greasy and smells like I coated my hands with a bagful of Pixy Stix.”

7. “This would be good for a toddler in a tiara or a Barbie Doll. It’s not for a grownup human. It’s like trying to conceal dark circles with a Crayola crayon.”

6. “This does not bring me joy.”

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5. “I couldn’t get past this product’s fragrance, it should really be called ‘Trapped in an Elevator With Men’s Cheap Cologne.’”

4. “The utilitarian bottle looks like it could have been issued to [insert currently incarcerated celebrity’s name here]’s cell block. But the really depressing thing is that it is so huge that I could never use it up. I will be dead and this moisturizer will still be here.”

3. “Just because Taylor Swift once admitted that she used a Sharpie as an eyeliner in an emergency situation does not mean that cosmetics companies have to go to town with this idea. Although I do think this particular product would make an excellent laundry marker for writing names on children’s camp clothing.”

2. “This thing is so gargantuan, it’s intimidating. I was afraid to use it. Who was it designed for, Rapunzel? It’s like brushing your hair with the turkey leg from Disney World.”

1. “I think I had one of these in 1978! But that one was smaller. It claims to dry hair in ‘half the time!’ Allow me to finish the sentence: It dries hair in half the time it takes the sun to dry hair. This experience reminded me of the time when I was 16 and went to Saks to have my hair styled. I left in tears because I looked like a grandma. After using this, I feel as glamorous as [insert extremely unglamorous celebrity’s name here]. With all the new technology available, how does anyone come up with this?”

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