Winona Ryder on L'Oréal Ads: I First Used L'Oréal's Blue-Black At-Home Hair Color When I Was 12

The Stranger Things actress stars in L'Oréal's campaign for its new Elvive hair collection

You may have caught Winona Ryder’s new ad for L’Oréal Paris’s Elvive collection during the Golden Globe Awards Sunday night. Her cinematic spot for “The Comeback” campaign, which introduces a line of products designed for women with damaged hair, garnered a ton of buzz. Ryder doesn’t often lend her face to campaigns like this (she was previously the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty) but the Stranger Things star says her long relationship with L’Oréal made the partnership a no-brainer.

“I thought it was fitting because the very first time I ever used a product on my hair – besides egg whites and mayonnaise, which my sister would try out on me before using it herself! – was L’Oréal Paris blue-black at-home hair color,” Ryder told PeopleStyle exclusively. “I did it when I was 12, so it’s in my first movie, Lucas, and it carried over to Beetlejuice.”

L'Oreal Paris Elvive - Winona copy
Courtesy of L'Oreal Paris

And though it takes a lot to convince Ryder to incorporate a new product into her “uncomplicated” beauty routine, she says this latest line convinced her because “I like products that are easy to use and just work.” (Especially since, as she tells PeopleStyle, she’s “kind of enjoying” her long hair, though she won’t rule out a return to the pixie she made iconic in the ’90s.)

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Ryder’s long Hollywood carer has given her perspective, and she’s learned a lot about what beauty means to her. “I like to think beauty can coincide with being complicated. It’s certainly not about anything to do with perfection,” Ryder told us. “In fact, I think it comes from anything that’s authentic, even if that is feelings of loneliness or confusion. A lot of things that aren’t idealized, or that we are made to feel insecure about growing up, are actually what makes us human and gives us compassion, whether we notice it at the time or not. Which is what, in my opinion, makes a person beautiful.”

–reporting by Jackie Fields

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