Will Victoria Beckham Ever Return to Her Iconic Pixie Cut?

See what the star has to say about hair, relaxing and more

Before every star seemed to go short, there was Victoria Beckham and her rad gamine crop. But she says you’re not likely to see it again any time soon — and the reason surprised us.

Victoria Beckham beauty routine
Victoria Beckham.

Karwai Tang/WireImage

“I loved my hair short, but the great thing about having long hair is you can do so much more with it. It’s a lot easier,” Beckham tells Elle in an interview to promote her new nailpolish line. “For the moment I’m enjoying the fact that it’s actually a lot easier to have the long hair. It’s just effortless. Short hair always takes a lot longer to get looking right.”

Slightly less surprising? That the famously svelte star has a very disciplined food-and-exercise regimen. “You know, I eat very healthily. I eat lots of fish, lots of vegetables, and a lot of fruit,” she says. “I work out every day, six or seven days. I do either Tracy Anderson, SoulCycle, or Barry’s Bootcamp.” (She’s no wimp!)

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The star shares a few other fun tidbits about her day-to-day life — including that she and husband David share skincare products, and that she gets very little sleep because she is juggling the sleep schedules of a night-owl teen and an early-bird toddler — and gives a little insight into her perfect day off. “I do quite like to have a day where I’m just hanging out in the house, in comfy clothes, catching up on books that I’ve wanted to read,” she says. “That’s a real treat for me. Just going about with no makeup on.” Even Posh can’t be Posh all the time!

For more from the star, check out her Elle interview, and tell us: Should she go short again?

–Alex Apatoff

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