The actor talks about his new look on Jimmy Kimmel Live

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated December 06, 2016 12:25 PM
Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Actors will do almost anything to transform into the characters that they play: Orlando Bloom recently went platinum blond for a role, Lucy Hale maintained the same hair color for years of playing Aria Montgomery, and if you’ve seen Will Smith lately, you’ve most likely noticed the wispy ‘stache that’s been gracing his upper lip sans explanation. He shares your concern that this look might be a permanent one – and he explained the reason behind it on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In an effort of clearing the “caterpillar” in the room, Kimmel asks Smith, “What’s going on with that mustache? Is that on purpose or…” And Smith responds, explaining that it’s for a movie role, in which he plays a LAPD cop. “It’s really bad, it’s like the 1970s porno [look],” he laughs.

Unfortunately for Smith, he and Kimmel aren’t the only ones questioning the look — his wife Jada isn’t a fan of it either. “She was like, ‘I’ll catch you on the next movie. Goodnight, honey’,” Smith jokes.

“It’s bad, man, ’cause you gotta wear it in the street, and everybody thinks I’m like the Colt 45 [commercial] Billy Dee [Williams].” But Smith adds that while this might not be his personal best look, he’s always open to trying something new for a role, drawing the line only if he is asked to recreate his ’90s high-top fade haircut.

The actor isn’t the only member of the Smith family trying something festive on his face lately. His 18-year-old son Jaden attended the 2016 Fashion Awards in London, wearing a very bold, jewel-encrusted set of grills.

Credit: MEGA

Now if only Jaden would hand his grills over to his dad — they’d certainly take the attention off of his ‘stache.

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