March 19, 2013 09:00 PM


Almost nothing can tear Lululemon fanatics (like Minka Kelly, pictured) away from their beloved yoga pants — not even the major price tag ($88 and up).

But then we heard the news that Lululemon is pulling 17% of their yoga pants from stores due to “a batch of black luon that doesn’t meet our standards,” according to an FAQ on their website. In other words: they’re see-through. Will this be the thing that parts celebs from their fave workout wear?

We can’t help but think that this still won’t be enough to get die-hards to ditch their Lulus in favor of another brand — in fact, we bet this new shortage of the line’s signature bottoms is going to cause a nationwide panic in well-heeled yogis everywhere. When the pants are that flattering, who cares if the person behind you gets an eyeful during Downward Dog? They should be meditating, anyway.

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However, if you’re feeling a little cautious about baring more than your soul in that Lotus pose, check out a few lower-priced items that editors can vouch for while you wait for Lulu to restock.

Skinnytees leggings, $34

Old Navy boot-cut yoga pants, $20

The Girls tummy-control capris, $32.99

Tees by Tina smooth leggings, $38

Tell us: Are you prepared to abandon your Lululemon leggings? What’s your favorite workout wear?

–Alex Apatoff

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