December 15, 2011 05:00 PM

Norman Scott/Startraks

She had great success with her first scent, Purr, and her latest perfume, Meow!, just hit stores last month. So is a men’s fragrance next on Katy Perry‘s to-do list?

“I’m not sure,” she told reporters Wednesday during a promotional event at The Grove in Los Angeles. “I think I really know how to do female-related things. It might be a little more tricky to do a men’s fragrance. But maybe.”

So that’s not a no? “I don’t want to say no to anything,” she continued. “Just like Justin Bieber says, ‘Never say never.’ So maybe one day. For right now, I’m just doing Meow!.”

Sadly that means hubby Russell Brand will be left to buy his own colognes — unless he steals a spritz of Meow!. “I don’t know if he necessarily wears it,” she joked, “but I wouldn’t mind if he did. I would not judge him.”

–Reporting by Gabrielle Olya


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