The star starts her design career

By Alex Apatoff
December 16, 2015 06:59 PM

Julianne Hough never stops moving: One minute she’s on a national dance tour with her brother, the next she’s judging Dancing With the Stars; one minute she’s planning a wedding and the next she’s sharing recipes on her blog. So it stands to reason that her first foray into clothing design would be in activewear.

Mike Windle

The actress/dancer/singer/everything else, 27, has joined MPG Sport as their brand ambassador, kicking it off by curating 12 favorites from their spring/summer collection (see a couple of her top picks), then trying her hand at design for future seasons.

“Athleisure apparel truly suits my lifestyle … and I need workout wear that performs but is also versatile enough for the rest of my day,” Hough tells PeopleStyle. “MPG Sport’s desire to create fashion-inspired workout clothes that elevate your look from the gym to the rest of your day was a perfect fit for me.”

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Real talk, though: Can you actually wear spandex from the gym to the cocktails, as every brand has insisted in 2015? “Absolutely!” Hough says. “It’s part of modern culture. Variety and versatility in fashion is key, so why should workout clothes be any different?”

She’s testing that theory a lot these days, as she spends much of ther time training for her role in Grease: Live. “If I’m dancing, I like to wear a workout pant that keeps my muscles warm, with a great feminine sports bra,” she says of her go-to athletic gear. And her can’t-miss workout motivation song? “Well, right now, I am living to the score of Grease. It’s all I hear from morning to night … and I love it!

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Hough has another important sartorial decision to make — choosing a wedding dress! She says of her blog challenge for fans to pick a gown, “I loved how passionate everyone was about the different styles and the results were pretty evenly spread out among the designs I posted.” But is she thinking she might try her hand at design now that she’s getting into the biz? “It’s a pretty big stretch from designing athletic wear to a wedding gown. I think I’ll leave that to the experts for now!”

What do you think of her latest venture?

— Alex Apatoff