The funnyman whips out a razor during a "snippy" appearance on Conan

By StyleWatch
Updated May 03, 2011 10:00 PM

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Will Ferrell may be a comedy king, but he wasn’t kidding about giving Conan O’Brien a much-needed shave. Following several weeks spent joking that the talk show host’s beard “offended him,” Ferrell finally took to the trimming shears on Monday night’s episode of Conan and attempted to give O’Brien a clean-cut look. But it wasn’t your typical trim: the star had a few technical difficulties as he was shaving O’Brien’s orange beard. In the clip above, O’Brien claims all the newly shorn hair is going into his mouth — to which Ferrell explains it’s because he only has experience shaving dogs! At the end of the hilarious segment, Ferrell ends up stopping before the job is done, leaving O’Brien with an uneven half-beard. Whoops! Tell us: Would you let Ferrell shave your beard? –Kim Peiffer