The reality hostess, who has a blend of modern and vintage styles at home, lets her friends shop her wardrobe

By Kate Hogan
Updated January 21, 2013 03:00 PM

Jonathan Leibson/FilmMagic

Is Cat Deeley looking for friends? If so, we’d like to be considered.

So You Think You Can Dance
hostess tells PEOPLE that she often invites friends over “for a play in [her] dressing room” — and we want in. “Most of my friends have been into my wardrobe at one time or another,” she says. “It normally involves a glass of champagne, a full-on soundtrack, some silly dancing around … and everybody leaves with a goodie bag.” Sign us up!

Deeley — who’s undoubtedly made many friends smile with her dress-up nights — is hoping to make lots of people beam with a new Crest 3D White contest she’s a part of. To enter, visit Crest’s Facebook page and share your best “smile story” — that time you grinned at a cute guy, got giddy after your lunch was paid for by a generous coworker — and you could win a trip to Los Angeles to attend the Young Hollywood Awards with Deeley.

“They’ll get the full hair, makeup, the whole lot,” Deeley says of the winner. “It’ll be fun to have a mate to go with. And since it’s my first time attending, we’ll have the same big moment at the same time.”

The newlywed has had lots of big style moments during her career — and admits she basically hasn’t used a stylist for any of them.

“Sometimes I can rock a black leather mini dress and feel like Debbie Harry, and other times I want something classic and chic,” the star explains. “So getting dressed depends on how I feel that day, and nobody knows how you feel that day better than you do yourself.”

Deeley spends her time between London, Los Angeles and New York, and considers her wardrobe a blend of those cities’ styles. “Nobody does it better than the great British High Street — they are amazing at being able to interpret trends, and make fashion slightly disposable, since it’s not that expensive and you can have fun with it,” she explains. “Then Los Angeles, I love for vintage — they have the best stores.”

New York is all about the designers. “I love the department stores — I think the buyers have great vision — and I’m also quite lucky to have a few designers who are friends,” she reveals. “So I can hit them up and ask them to send me something over.”

Deeley, who also dresses herself for So You Think You Can Dance (“Yes, I can tie my own shoes,” she jokes), says she got her adventurous sense of style from her mom.

“She always encouraged me to have my own opinions, and I think that is quite important,” she says. “It’s definitely something that I’ve carried with me. And then it doesn’t really matter what anyone says — it’s very much your opinion, how you feel and what you like. Fashion comes and goes, but style is inside of you. So whatever your style is, embrace it.” Tell us: How do you define your sense of style?

–Kate Hogan