The actress got candid about why she abruptly left her design role with the brand during a talk at Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated October 21, 2016 10:29 AM
Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit - Day 2

Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t just play one of the most stylish women of all time on TV, she also happens to be one in real life. The actress seems to have mastered every aspect of the industry, from the theme-appropriate fashions wears on the Met Gala red carpet to her new line of show-stopping footwear and LBDs or that brief stint she spent at the helm of Halston Heritage. While her sudden departure from that brand was never addressed, in an interview at Vanity Fair‘s New Establishment Summit she finally opened up about why she felt she had to leave.

During an interview with the magazine’s West Coast editor Krista Smith as part of a panel called “Storytelling And Persistence In The Digital Era”, Parker told her of signing on to design at the then struggling brand, “Everybody said to me, ‘Steer clear of this,’ it was like dating.”

She continued, “It was like the fellow that everybody said, ‘Don’t.’ There were all these red flags, and my thing was always like, ‘I can fix him. Just give me two weeks with this guy.'” And ultimately, just like dating the guy that you think you can mold into your dream companion, the Sex and The City star admitted in a very Carrie-esque aside, “Sometimes, the fella doesn’t change.”

But clearly, the breakup was friendly as she says that while their relationship didn’t work out, she doesn’t regret her time at the house for a single second, adding that she loved getting to experience that side of the industry and, “There is no way that I would have walked away from that enormous responsibility without learning something.” Sounds like the third installment of The Sex and the City movie franchise just wrote itself.

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