October 10, 2012 01:00 PM
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Neil Lane has designed engagement rings for some of Hollywood’s hottest brides — Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie — but he can’t name a favorite sparkler. He can, however, name the one that got the most buzz.

“Doing Miley Cyrus’s engagement ring, that was huge,” the celebrity jeweler tells PEOPLE in the clip above. “It got so much attention, I was actually surprised.”

Why? Because Cyrus’s ring was yellow gold, something not quite as trendy these days. “Liam [Hemsworth] was really happy allowing me to use gold,” Lane explains. “I think it gave meaning to what [Miley] was wearing, something different, something to be proud of.”

Lane strives to make all women proud of the jewelry they wear, which is why he recently teamed with Kay jewelers to launch an affordable new collection that reflects classic Hollywood glamour (prices range from $339 for diamond hoop earrings to $3,199 for elaborate diamond dangle earrings).

Watch the clip above to hear more about Lane’s celebrity designs — and to find out why he never wanted to be a jewelry designer. Tell us: Which celebrity engagement ring is your all-time favorite?

–Kate Hogan


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