Why Kim Kardashian Can Finally Wear a 'Regular' Bikini

The reality starlet explains why she's moved away from tie-bottoms


Kim Kardashian may have one of the most enviable bodies in the world, but the sultry star wasn’t always confident in her swim selections.

“Before, I felt like I could only wear tie-bottoms,” she explained to PEOPLE recently at the Midori Beachside Bash at Miami’s Delano Hotel. “Now, since I feel like I’ve toned up a little bit, I can do the regular bottoms.”

Some swim trends she’s loving? “I’m … really into fringe right now,” she shared. And “sarongs I love, they are heaven! Anyone, I think, can look good in a sarong, so I’m thankful for [them].”

No matter who you are, though, Kardashian advises you to “make sure you pick a bikini that suits you and your body type.” (Another tip? Try a white bikini to enhance your tan.)

However, Kardashian’s beach look goes beyond the suit: the self-admitted makeup addict claims summer beauty is “all about finding really good quality makeup and stuff that’s made to last.”

But the reality star, who’s launching a beauty line with her sisters, says doing makeup isn’t her strength. “I’ll buy a ton of makeup but go home and not use any of it,” she explained. “I’m not that good at liquid eyeliner, but it’s one of my favorite looks.”

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t try, though. “When I’m bored, I test all these different makeups,” she shared. “I wish I could be a makeup artist.” Tell us: What’s your best beach beauty tip?

–Becky Randel


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