"I don't ever look at [hair colors] as mistakes," she tells PEOPLE

Jen Lowery/Splash News Online

Her lavender hair has drawn mixed reviews, but Kelly Osbourne wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I don’t ever look at [hair colors] as mistakes,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s fun. Who wants to look the same their entire life? Every day I wake up it’s a different color and that’s what I love so much about my hair.”

Those lavender locks certainly get lots of attention — “People stop me in the street everywhere I go,” she admits — and require mucho maintenance.

It’s like “a science project,” she says. “Because there’s so much hair, we have to do half the head at a time.” Her salon sessions can last up to eight hours, though last time she touched up, her stylist, Judd Minter, finished in just under four (phew!).

And while she’s enjoyed trying a variety of hair colors, the starlet says she’ll never go brunette. “I look like the spitting image of my father [rocker Ozzy Osbourne] — it’s too weird,” she reveals. “I would look like I had the biggest daddy complex on earth.”

Her famous parents have influenced her style, though; years ago Osbourne took mom Sharon’s advice and started wearing less makeup.

Now, “I put the tiniest bit of foundation on, a bit of blush, powder, mascara and a bright lipstick and that’s it,” she shares. “Anyone who spends more than 10 minutes on their makeup needs a little bit of help, unless you’re going to some kind of event. It ain’t gonna change your face — learn to love your face. Work with what you have, not what you don’t have.”

That last statement seems to echo her mom’s philosophy on beauty, which Osbourne says has affected her life “in every way. My mum taught me that unless you love yourself, you will never survive,” she says. “You’ve got to love yourself without ego.” For more with Osbourne, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

–Reporting by Jackie Fields