Hint: It involves an unlimited budget that she doesn't have to cover

Courtesy TNT

Shopping at high-end boutiques without a budget? Yes, please! Such is life for
star Jordana Brewster, who gets to browse racks upon racks of clothing to outfit her chic character, Elena Ramos.

“What I love most about shooting Dallas and working with the wardrobe is that the costume designer takes me shopping,” Brewster tells InStyle.com. “We literally go to Scoop and Highland Park. She’s like, ‘Let’s go shopping and do it that way.’ The budget is unlimited in that scenario. I’ve never had so much fun shopping.”

Some wardrobe musts? “My character is pretty low maintenance,” Brewster says of Elena. “She’s always in AG jeans. She’s always in flats because she has to work. So she wears flat boots.”

Though it’s nice to dress as a character who is “very practical,” as Brewster says, she’s excited to push the boundaries of Elena’s defined sense of style. “I hope that next season she’s in the office a little more and that we get to spruce her up a bit,” the actress says. “That would be fun.”