The actress -- the new face of Nourish skincare -- got really into ingredients after her pregnancies


A veteran of the Hollywood makeup chair, Christine Taylor is still flaunting flawless skin at 40 thanks to a few simple habits she’s picked up along the way.

“I’m really diligent,” the actress tells PEOPLE about her daily beauty routine, which starts and ends with a good cleanse. “I never miss the morning face wash or the nighttime face wash.” Even after partying into the wee hours at last week’s Met Gala with husband Ben Stiller? Oh yes. “I was so tired, I just thought, ‘Should I go to sleep because I’m getting up in three or four hours anyway?’ I won’t; I have to get [my makeup] off.”

But it goes beyond cleansing; it’s about ingredients, too. After wasting time — and more money than she would like to admit to her husband! — testing out mystery products from natural markets, the mom was thrilled when new body care line Nourish by Sensible Organics tapped her to be their spokesperson. “The fresh fig body butter is my all-time favorite, and I load it on before bed,” she shares. “It’s not so greasy that you think you’re going to get your sheets [dirty]. It saturates but then you wake up with nice smooth hands and feet.”

Before moisturizing, Taylor also reaches for Nourish’s organic body polish. “It’s a really, really fine body exfoliator but it’s not scratchy. It’s very gently and lathering,” she says of the product, made from ground grains, pomegranate oil and aloe. “A lot of natural products use water as fillers. In most of Nourish’s products, aloe replaces water. You sort of feel like your skin is drinking it up.”

Taylor made the switch to organic products after her pregnancies, when coming to the realization that what you put on your body ultimately goes into your body, too. “For a period of time it was about what worked and what was good,” she explains. “And then with having kids came that turning point because I wasn’t reading labels for myself. You just have to read one or two articles about some red flag [ingredient] and then start looking and you see that that [ingredient is] in everything. It was just a natural shift.”

Nourish products retail for less than $10 apiece and are available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide and on

–Christie LaRusso