The tennis star says she'd rather shop online than in a store

By Kate Hogan
Updated November 01, 2011 10:00 PM


She’s got a fabulous figure — not to mention a pretty hefty budget — but Anna Kournikova tells that she doesn’t really like to go shopping. “After an hour I get a little antsy,” she explains. “So I definitely shop online.”

Listing Singer22, Shopbop and RevolveClothing as some of her favorite sites, the Biggest Loser trainer says she’s currently on the hunt for a great pair of boots. “Really high, but really comfy,” she shares. “I’m the kind of girl who goes with really high shoes or flip flops. I don’t do in between.”

A fan of basics like leather jackets and tailored blazers, Kournikova is also very basic when it comes to her beauty routine. “I went through a phase in my 20s where I tried everything,” she says. “I was breaking out like crazy. Then I got educated.” Learning she had oily skin, she soon changed to “oil-free everything,” she shares. “The key for me has always been protecting myself from the sun because I’ve been in the sun playing tennis,” she continues. “It’s about getting rid of the dark spots and exfoliation!”

Since she travels so much, Kournikova says she often gets “puffy” from long flights, so she buys de-puffing creams to combat the bloat. “Makeup helps, but I don’t like to have makeup on my skin for long periods of time,” she shares. “I just try to use tinted moisturizers.” That’s not to say she doesn’t have fun with eyeliner or lipstick once in a while. As she admits, “I’m a product junkie.” Tell us: Would you rather shop online than in a store?