November 17, 2016 09:00 AM
Old Navy

We’ve all come to know and love Amy Schumer‘s blunt, tell-it-like-it-is attitude. She’s never one to hold back, whether posting a nearly-nude selfie on Instagram or declaring she’s wearing Vivienne Westwood and an O.B. tampon on the Emmys red carpet. And now, the 35-year-old comedian gave her own style straight talk in an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview during an Old Navy shoot.

The star, who’s you’ll see (starting tonight!) starring in Old Navy’s Fight Night-themed Black Friday sale commercial, gave her usual uninhibited real talk when it comes to how she dresses herself on the daily. “I would describe my personal style as a newly homeless person,” Schumer joked, as she took a break from showing her moves in the boxing ring while filming. “You know, just comfortable and ready to sleep anywhere. I demand comfort at all times.”

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Old Navy

Schumer decided to partner with the brand and star in its Black Friday commercial because she truly loves wearing Old Navy — as she says in her own words — “for real.”

“I think it’s great for women to learn how they can dress to feel great. I’m not friends with anyone who looks like these mannequins,” Schumer said. “I found out with my [stylist] Leesa Evans that clothes off the rack don’t really fit anyone, but Old Navy stuff you know you’re going to be comfortable [in]. You can get it for a friend and it’s not taking a huge risk.”

She adds that a good fit is key to completing any look. “[Old Navy clothing] will fit. Or if it doesn’t fit, it won’t not fit in a way that will make you start crying,” Schumer said.

For Amy-approved pieces, shop Old Navy‘s huge Black Friday, starting November 23. Schumer will be. “I’d just like to buy my niece huge hats and scarves, and wrap her up like a little package!” she said.

Will you shop Old Navy’s Black Friday sale? Tell us below. 

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