December 11, 2007 08:00 PM

Andy Johnstone/Pacific Coast News; inset: Splash News Online

Budding stylist Victoria Beckham has picked wardrobes for her pals Jennifer Lopez and Katie Holmes, and has now turned her hand to sprucing up Hollywood heavyweight Jack Nicholson. On a shoot for Parade magazine, shot by photographer Lorenzo Agius at The Beverly Hills Hotel, she clothed the 70-year-old actor in mostly Armani, with a few vintage pieces mixed in here and there. But apparently Nicholson was oblivious to the credentials of his celebrity helper. “Nicholson seems only vaguely aware of who Posh is as she glides around the bungalow, more suitably dressed for evening cocktails than a working shoot — an impossibly short black tube dress, high heels, exquisite jewelery… She looks like an expensive Cuban cigar wrapped in black paper band,” observed writer Dotson Rader in Britain’s The Sunday Times Magazine, where he also published a piece. Despite this, the role was a dream come true for Victoria, who told Larry King last night: “”I used to do styling quite a few years ago,” explained Beckham to a bemused King. “When I stopped, I said the only person I would ever want to style again would be Jack Nicholson, because I am such a huge fan. When the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance!” And she was not disappointed.”He was everything I expected and more. And …” she proudly announced, “he actually asked if he could buy all the suits afterwards, so he was obviously happy with what I put him in.”

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