The actress had a minor Marilyn Monroe moment

The one thing every actress attending the Cannes Film Festival for her first time learns, and learns fast, is that those ocean breezes can be a real outfit killer. As if getting caught in a whirlwind of your own hair and lipgloss wasn’t traumatic enough, one never knows when the wind might hit your ensemble in just the wrong way and cause a wardrobe malfunction mid-photo opp. But as Caitriona Balfe found out at the photo call for Money Monster, this is one of those lessons you just have to learn the hard way.

CAitriona Balfe Cannes Money Monster

Samir Hussein/WireImage

It appears the actress’s ruffly, lace-covered Louis Vuitton mini dress was no match for the coastal French town’s ocean gales, putting up a good fight, but eventually succumbing to the ruthless gusts and wafting up to create Caitriona’s very own Marilyn Monroe moment.

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Thankfully, not only is the
star highly accustomed to nudity thanks to her steamy Outlander love scenes, but she’s also a former Victoria’s Secret model, walking the runway back in 2002, so posing in front of cameras in her underwear is practically second nature. But the big takeaway from this breezy moment is there’s just no winning when you’re up against Mother Nature. Better luck next time, Balfe.

How do you wind-proof your look?

–Emily Kirkpatrick