November 01, 2017 09:00 AM
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Now that it’s exactly one day after Halloween it’s time to focus on the next big series of events to dress up for: Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

“Ugly” holiday sweaters first came back from the ’80s and ’90s as a funny fad, but they’re available at so many retailers and have so many celeb fans (see their festive threads here), that whimsical sweaters are here to stay. Thanks, in part, to Whoopi Goldberg and her witty and cool sweater line that’s back for a second season.

“Well, doing it once is a knock-off — when you do it a second time, you are starting a tradition, which is the inspiration behind creating the collection,” Goldberg tells PeopleStyle.

This year she’s back with 12 brand-new designs, launching on Zappos today, that also feature the return of few favorite characters, like her Hanukkah octopus. “People love that we had a Hanukkah sweater, so of course we have a new variation on that design in this collection,” she said. “We also have a Kwanzaa sweater and I know people appreciate that we are trying to cover all of the holidays, whatever you celebrate. And of course people love the Christmas designs, so we have all kinds of fun, silly stuff that’s meant to bring a smile and celebrate all the things we love about the holidays.”

Courtesy Zappos

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The most surprising thing Goldberg learned since last year’s launch was discovering how many secret holiday sweater admirers were out there. “I learned that people love holiday sweaters even when they say they don’t,” she said. “And they love them even more when they are funny. Even people who claimed not to be into them would buy them because they were fun conversation starters.” (Who wouldn’t comment on a sweater of gingerbread men making fart jokes?)

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Since her debut, she’s been very clear about one thing: her designs should not be categorized as “ugly” sweaters.  “This started with my love for what were once thought of as ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters,” says Goldberg. “My collection is for anyone with a sense of humor, joy and wonder, no matter how you celebrate the holidays.”

See a few of our favorites, below, and shop the whole collection here.

Courtesy Zappos

Buy It! Whoopi Octopus, $89;

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Buy It! Whoopi Mr/Mrs 12-26, $89;

Courtesy Zappos

Buy It! Whoopi Farting Gingerbread Men, $89;

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