The designer has a new line with Diet Coke

By Alex Apatoff
Updated June 05, 2014 01:00 PM

It’s no secret that Whitney Port is considered a “tastemaker” (did you see her classy CFDA look?), so by extension, it’s no surprise that Diet Coke tapped her to create four tote bag designs for their Tastemakers project, in which fans will vote on their top tote to see on the shelves at Target. Port drew on her own experience with designing her clothing line Whitney Eve to create the logos — and styled them exclusively for us with pieces from her own collection to help us envision the tote in action.

Whitney Port CFDA Awards

Courtesy Diet Coke

To complement her looks, Port chose the “WE girl bag” — we’re guessing it’s her favorite as it’s inspired by her target customer (“It’s a cool design with attitude, and she’s clearly got great taste!” she says.) All four designs (including “What’s In Your Tote,” a hand-drawn representation of must-have items; “Reflections,” a pop-art-y representation of a girl in huge glasses; and “Love & Peace,” a bubbly, graphic silhouette of a Diet Coke bottle surrounded by, you guessed it, hearts and peace symbols) are funky enough to stand out. So we asked, how would Port work these items in to her own wardrobe?

“Accessories are all about personal taste. For me, I’m not looking for something classic or subtle; I’m looking for my handbag to add a pop of something special to my outfit. Definitely something funky and unexpected, like a cool snake print, or a fun embellishment,” Port shares. “But at the same time, it needs to be practical, with a comfortable strap and room to hold all of my important items –- like a messenger bag or a tote bag. [This] tote bag works with a more structured dress, as well as with a soft and flowy blouse and shorts set. It’s all about having fun and experimenting with different accessories to dress up a look, or dress it down.”

Whitney Port Diet Coke bags

Courtesy Diet Coke

Once Port was handed the blank canvas (so to speak), she was “100% in creative control over my designs … The Diet Coke team helped to provide inspiration in the beginning of the process, and we worked together to narrow down a wider selection of designs to the final four,” she says. “Since this was a graphic design for a tote bag as opposed to actually constructing a handbag I treated it like I treat my Whitney Eve Collection graphic tees. I thought about what I wanted the graphics to say … and went from there.”

So now that the four designs are finalized, it’s up to fans to pick the one they want to wear on their arm. Cast your vote here, and tell us: How would you style yours? What do you look for in a tote?

–Alex Apatoff