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Your summer just got a whole lot funnier thanks to Whitney Cummings and LOFT. The comedian has teamed up with the women’s fashion brand to bring some of her favorite hilarious — and not so funny — films to select cities across the country. And while movies and style have always gone hand-in-hand, the star’s top film female to go to for style inspiration may surprise you.

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“This is going to sound insane, but it’s Shelley Duvall from The Shining,” she tells PEOPLE. “I was re-watching it the other day and Shelley Duvall was in these super — I mean, her husband in The Shining murdered her, so it wasn’t the best circumstances, it wasn’t ideal — but she could run through the snow, she could run down the stairs, she could carry an axe. She was getting murdered, but she was comfortable and that’s my whole thing.”

There will be no horror movies in the lineup of LOFT’s LOL Movie Series (a summer film series, featuring both ’80s rom-com classics and recent faves like Bridesmaids), which Cummings helped curate, and will kick off in person in N.Y.C. Tuesday with Sixteen Candles. And much like Jake Ryan is a perennial hottie, for Cummings, there are certain ’80s items that remain on her style radar — whether she likes it or not.

“I wish I could say fanny packs [would never come back], but that’s not true because I’ve been wearing them lately. I’m training my dog right now, so you’re supposed to keep a fanny pack full of food, and I wore it to dinner the other night — it was a shame,” she says. “But I remember wearing jean shorts that went to my knees, which I actually like, but the pockets were bedazzled with rhinestones all around the pockets and it was just a nightmare. You’d hug someone and get stuck to them, you would hug them and it would rip out cloth on their clothing, and it was just a very anti-social pair of pants. The ’80s was too much. They gilded the lily; they put too much icing on the cake. No jewelry on the jeans — just jeans.”

Bedazzled jeans aside, there’s one accessory the comedian would love to wear — even in 2015.

“The thing about me is even if it’s not back, I wear it. I’m wearing Hammer pants right now; I’m not kidding,” she says. “I don’t know if this was ever in style, frankly, is if girls could wear ties. I feel like now if a girl wears a tie with an Oxford shirt it’s a feminist statement.”

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When she’s not looking to make a statement, Cummings says, she’s happy in LOFT’s everyday attire. “I’ve never really found a brand that I vibed with or that it felt like made sense for me, because I’m a weird comedian and you’ll be able to know if I’m selling out doing some silly collaboration,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’m a fan of [LOFT’s] clothes because I’m a comedian, I’m on stage, I’m active, I sweat, I jump around — it’s sort of my wheelhouse of just really comfortable and it seems like they really love women. Whoever designs their clothes loves women, wants them to be comfortable on airplanes, at the beach and at home, so I was like, ‘Okay, this is a really good fit for me,’ and it’ll feel honest and authentic.”

And getting to host the screenings was the icing of the cake of their collaboration. “I wanted to do a series of outdoor screenings of comedies, which is my thing because I was raised by movies — they’re my parents, they’re my boyfriend, they’re my lover,” she says. “So this was just the perfect thing. We’re going to do outdoor screenings in the summer, which sounds like heaven, and it all just fell together sort of magically and perfectly, and I’m really proud to be doing it.”

For a complete list of The LOL Movie Series screenings, check out LOFT.com, and tell us: Do you have similar style icons? Which A-lister’s closet would you love to raid? Sound off below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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