Where Does Zooey Deschanel Find Her Nail Art Inspiration?

"It's the kind of thing I like to think about right before I do it," the New Girl star says

Courtesy Zooey Deschanel; Inset: Jason Merritt/Getty

Tuxedos, bows, Beatles — Zooey Deschanel’s nails have worn a little bit of everything. So how does she think up such cute manicure ideas?

“It’s the kind of thing I like to think about right before I do it,” the New Girl star told InStyle.com recently at a FOX TCA party in Beverly Hills. “Usually, it might be inspired by something (like her Golden Globes tuxes, above), but it might just be, ‘Oh, that seems cool.'”

Someone who thinks her nails are quite cool? Girls star — and fellow Emmy nominee — Lena Dunham. “We’re planning our Emmy nails,” Dunham revealed to nymag.com’s Vulture blog last week. “She’s got a lot of nail style. I mean, I have a couple ideas, too.”

One such idea Dunham Tweeted to Deschanel the morning the nominations were announced, writing, “trophy colored nails with Varsity Letters that spell e/o’s names? Supportive & cute.”

But as for now, the real plans are top secret. “I don’t want to say,” Dunham continued to Vulture. “I want to shock the world with what I do, and/or be stopped from painting my nails a very strange color by my very smart and crafty publicist.”

Perhaps, then, the actresses can visit the nail salon together come Emmys day, Sept. 23; as Deschanel said, “I don’t do them myself. I just tell people what to do.” Tell us: What’s the coolest nail art you’ve ever tried?


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