The singer discusses her mom's influence on her sense of style

By jencress
Updated August 14, 2012 07:00 PM

Gwen Stefani recently revealed that her grandmother was behind her big beauty moves, and it sounds like the other woman in her life — her mom — inspired her sense of fashion.

“I think I’ve always, my whole life, loved to get dressed up and even if nobody was looking at me, I would still get dressed up,” Stefani tells Harper’s Bazaar The Look. “My mom took me to the fabric store … we made clothes from when I was a little girl.”

But she really grew into her look in her teens. “High school was really when I discovered music and I figured out, ‘Oh, this defines me,’ and I was making thrift-store clothes,” she reveals. “I used to do a lot of buying of clothes and then altering them to make them how I wanted — lots of glue guns, lots of Velcro.”

The rock star — who’s worn everything from Stella McCartney jumpsuits to Jaguar-print suits — says she holds onto all of her costumes. “I save all that kind of stuff in storage,” she admits. “I usually do an auction and then keep something for archives. I have a lot of storage, I’ve never been there but I can imagine.” Now that’s a space we’d love to check out.

Watch Harper’s Bazaar The Look for more of Stefani’s interview. Tell us: Who inspires your style?

–Jennifer Cress