What's the Least Sexy Look Ever from 'True Blood'?

"Usually things are tailored to make me look better," the actress jokes at Comic-Con

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The only thing hotter than her costars is Kristin Bauer van Straten’s wardrobe as
True Blood
‘s Pam, the vampire nightclub owner with a penchant for S&M. But even though the actress has sported countless sexy jumpsuits and corset tops, one of her favorite costumes is surprisingly tame: the yellow Walmart sweatsuit Pam begrudgingly borrows from Anna Paquin‘s Sookie when she’s unexpectedly forced to go to ground.

“Usually things are tailored to make me look better, but this was tailored to be a little short and elastic around the legs and then the yellow was dyed slightly off,” van Straten said during True Blood‘s panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, where the cast spotted three fans wearing replicas of Pam’s sweatsuit in the audience.

(“I see a Walmart sweatsuit in the front row actually,” the actress gasped. “It’s actually a trend!”)

The mastermind behind the fan-favorite look is True Blood‘s wardrobe stylist, Audrey Fisher.

“It starts with the writing, with that brilliant line — the Walmart line — and then when we go to a wardrobe fitting, Audrey Fisher is a genius,” said van Straten.

On the day of van Straten’s fitting, there was “a rack of Walmart sweatsuits, and we started with the yellow one and were like, ‘I don’t think we need to try on anything else,'” the actress added. “So it’s just Audrey! She’s responsible for the whole Pam look.”

Yellow sweatsuit aside, van Straten had trouble choosing an all-time favorite costume from the show. “The favorite is the one that I’m wearing at the moment because [Fisher] keeps topping herself,” she said.

For costar Sam Trammell, it’s a less difficult decision.

“A panel asked, ‘What’s the most shocking thing that’s happened on True Blood?’, and he thought for a long time and mentioned this red sequined jumpsuit,” explained van Straten.

“I was bedazzled,” said Trammell. “I got to do one scene in Fangtasia with Alex [Skarsgard] and Kristin … She was standing behind Alex in the red sequined jumpsuit, and I haven’t forgotten it. I was distracted the whole time.”

If the preview for the remainder of the season is any indication, van Straten may soon have some fierce competition when it comes to sexy, all-leather ensembles.

“I have a feeling that Pam … took me to her closet and sort of made me up,” Rutina Wesley said of her upcoming costumes as new vampire Tara. “My mother called me Monday and was like, ‘That bustier was wild, honey! Yeah!'”

Added the actress, gesturing to her, ahem, assets, “This year is sort of about having things out.”

–Jessica Wedemeyer


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