Finally, someone totally gets our weird obsession with what celebrities eat and why they eat it

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated April 27, 2016 04:00 PM

Finally, someone totally gets our weird obsession with what celebrities eat and why they eat it. The ladies behind
The New Potato
, Danielle and Laura Kosann, are here to share in the excitement in the form of our latest video series “What’s In Your Salad?” where stars spill all the dirt on their favorite culinary dishes. In their first installment, the sisters take us to Ed’s Lobster Bar in N.Y.C. where Aja Naomi King, of
How to Get Away with Murder
and The Birth of a Nation, tells us all about her favorite restaurant and meal.


In this case, the titular salad in question is really more of a lobster roll, but we’ll be the first to cheer if we can start counting the sandwich as health food, so no nitpicking here. The girls ask King what significance this particular roll holds for her.

The story? When the actress finished grad school, she and a friend would meet up on that street corner in Soho and try every restaurant along the block … until they got to Ed and his lobster rolls, that is, which were so delicious they decided they needed to go no further. But be warned, despite the perfect proportions of seasoning, mayonnaise and huge chunks of lobster, this is definitely not first date food as King quickly proves in her demonstration on the proper way to eat a roll. As she puts it, “There really is no pretty way to eat this” — and there’s no way there will be any leftovers either.

While you surely clicked play on the video above to find out all about King’s favorite food, it’s worth staying tuned to watch her present a court-ready opening statement on the pros and cons of Connecticut vs. New England style rolls, serve up some style advice on how to pull off a pencil skirt, and confess to a little light law-breaking.

Who makes your favorite lobster roll? What celeb’s favorite meal would you want to see? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick