What's in Model Chanel Iman's Suitcase?

The supermodel admits she doesn't spend much time at home

Chanel Iman is the latest star to bare her wardrobe to the Bluefly Closet Confessions team … but the supermodel doesn’t have much of a closet.

“I basically live in a suitcase and on an airplane,” she admits in the clip above. “I’m always on the road, I travel everywhere to shoot.” Though she doesn’t pack much when traveling for work, “when it’s time to go on a vacation I pack a lot of stuff,” she shares.

While she’s visited just about every corner of the world, Iman singles out New York as one of her favorite places to shop. “Hello,” she jokes, “it’s the fashion capital!”

Just back from Cape Town, South Africa, Iman also addresses model myths (what do they eat?) and shares a few cool pieces — like leather jeans and rock ‘n’ roll tees — from her travel wardrobe. Hear more in the clip, and catch the full confession Thursday at Bluefly.com/Closets.


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