February 07, 2014 03:28 PM

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No one loves a high fashion risk more than Tilda Swinton. But even the actress managed to one-up herself at Thursday’s premiere of The Grand Budapest Hotel in Berlin. And we’re not talking about the androgynous suit she selected (that’s old hat for the star). We’re talking about her unique choice in footwear.

Swinton hit the red carpet in a pair of feather (!) thong (!) sandals. Our first thought: Are those things alive? Our second thought: Who designed them? Turns out, her shoes are straight off the Paris Haute Couture runway from the Schiaparelli spring/summer show. So is her suit. Basically, Swinton swiped the exact look from the catwalk, minus the face mask seen on the model, which was probably a good call since the shoes are enough of a statement.

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And Tilda, if you’re reading this, a few more questions we have about those showstoppers on your feet:
• Do the feathers provide extra warmth?
• On a scale from one to “OMG, I can’t feel my feet!” how comfortable are they? (We have a feeling they’re pretty comfy)
• How much would a statement shoe like that cost?
• Would you consider sending us a foot selfie wearing those bad boys?
• What did your co-stars think of your fancy feet?

Now that you know how we feel, tell us: What do you think of the actress’s fancy footwear? Would you wear feather-embellished thong sandals? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico

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