The actress's makeup artists says she plans to emphasize her eyes on the big night

By Kate Hogan
September 16, 2011 08:30 PM


In just about 48 hours, Modern Family bombshell Sofia Vergara will be hitting the Emmy red carpet in a to-die-for dress. But before she greets fans and photographers at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre, she’ll be putting in lots of prep time with her hair and makeup team.

Vergara’s makeup artist Kayleen McAdams hasn’t seen the nominee’s dress yet, but plans to play up the actress’s gorgeous assets — namely her eyes. “Sofia has these big, beautiful brows — she doesn’t do anything to them, they’re completely natural — so that’s always part of the look, to really frame the eye,” she tells PEOPLE. “We always end up doing a really thick mascara for her, too, on top and bottom, and add a few falsies in. She has a beautiful, natural cat-eye shape.”

McAdams, who’s been working with Vergara for two years (and does sister Rachel’s makeup, too), says awards-show makeup often takes a few hours. “We want to think about the look, and take our time to get everything exactly right,” she says. The CoverGirl spokesmodel will have a fresh face full of CoverGirl products, including Liquiline Blast Eyeliner, LipPerfection Lipcolor and LashBlast Volume mascara.

“She found it first and introduced it to me,” McAdams says of the lash plumper. “It’s become one of our favorite things.”

But after Vergara gets out of the chair, she has to think about touch-ups, too. “Luckily she’s really good at doing touch-ups,” McAdams says. “We once saw some behind-the-scenes photos of her touching up her lipstick at a show, and I was like, ‘Good job, Sofia! Good girl!’ Some people forget … hours go by and suddenly they’re up on stage and you’re like, ‘Oh no, you didn’t use the lipstick I gave you!'”

But McAdams says Vergara’s love of makeup and the way she takes care of her skin help keep her awards-night looks from fading. “You have to layer the products, too,” she explains. “We’ll do a foundation first, concealer, then set it well with powder so it stays all night. For the most part, a look will stay just by doing that technique.”

Vergara will be live-Tweeting her Emmy experience on Sunday night from the makeup chair all the way through the after-party. She’ll share her exclusive Emmy makeup tips — and you can find out which other CoverGirl products she’ll be wearing on the red carpet, too! Follow @SofiaVergara for all the fun details.

–Kate Hogan