September 24, 2013 02:45 PM

–The creators of The Coveteur, Stephanie Mark and Erin Kleinberg, have taken you inside the fashion-filled closets and homes of other people on their website, but in this video from The Outnet, they’re discussing what inspires their own personal style! [The Outnet]

–You’ve gotta check out this new e-commerce site called Zady. It has tons of awesome clothes and accessories for you to buy, and it has very detailed info on where the products are made, who made them and what they’re made of — so you’ll be a very conscientious shopper. [Zady]

–Shoe designer Charlotte Olympia may be known for her adorable kitty flats (Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are fans!), but her Halloween collection, available on Oct. 1st, has way spookier motifs on the loafers. [The Citizens Of Fashion]

–Was it simply a wardrobe malfunction that caused Robin Thicke’s shirt and pants to come undone during his performance on Friday at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, or did he somehow catch a case of nudity from Miley Cyrus during their VMA performance together? [YouTube]

–Kanye West is bragging that he came up with the idea to design leather jogging pants before Hedi Slimane. Oh, so now we know who to blame! [BBC]

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