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Courtesy Cat Greenleaf

Cat Greenleaf, host of Talk Stoop: I’m going to tell you a secret I haven’t shared since the 9th grade, so please don’t laugh. Here goes (deep breath in): I have abnormal ankles, and that’s putting it mildly. (Exhale.)

These ankles of mine are incapable of getting cold. Ever. Oh, they can get warm, even hot, but never cold. So when the weather drops below freezing in Brooklyn, there we sit, my ankles and me, chilling on the stoop with a knit cap, lined jeans, puffy parka, mismatched gloves (usually one of mine and one of my sons’), and my classic Vans slip-ons, totally sock-free. Is this imperviousness to weather freakish or fashionable? It’s been so long, I really can’t tell anymore, but I will admit to a long-held belief that there is one and only one way to wear Vans slip-ons, and that’s with totally naked ankles. Still, is it possible that I’ve altered my body to sustain freezing feet for freshman year fashion? Seems so.

And while I’m reluctant to put a “classic” label on any item of clothing that came to be during my lifetime (I should probably get over that, though, considering The Clash is in heavy rotation on Classic Rock stations everywhere), I think we can all agree that the shoe made famous by Jeff Spicoli has undoubtedly reached “classic” status. Yet unlike the also iconic rugby shirt, penny loafer or ascot, my checkered slip-ons afford me a subtle reminder of the carefree days when feeling cool was practically my only responsibility, and certainly my singular focus.

Back here in the present, my Vans are also strategic: they’re easy to get into and out of in a hurry (I am perpetually hurrying), they go equally well with upscale jeans and downmarket dresses, they’re machine washable, travel well, and most importantly, they feel good. So as long as I keep saying that I’m taking a stand for the comfortable, affordable, and functional shoes of the world, the truth will never have to be known: my style hasn’t evolved one bit since high school, and I like it that way.

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